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Hello Everyone!

Can you Guess the identity of this mun based on the following clues?:
  • I was considered tyranical by some and made many enemies (IC & OOC).
  • I was considered the female "Ron".

If you guessed Selena, you are right! = - )

My roleplaying History
I roleplayed the following main characters from 1996-2001:
  • Vivean Oakleaf (sn-vivean)
  • Porthios Kanaan (sn-porthios kanaan)
  • Caelestas Silverleaf (sn-caelestas)

I helped create/run The Royal Court of Silvanesti affectionately refered to as TRCoS with Jaeunae (Ahlana), Ron (Deadroot) and Stephen (Aristaus aka Aellianos aka Gorlist). We then became the </b>Elven Nation of Silvanesti </b> (ENoS) and Rob (LrdAurakan), Michelle (Khiersanth) and Michelle (Kyrlinnd) came on board.

Because of huge egos (mostly mine and Ron's) we split up and Ron and I started the Clan Deadroot. I can't qute remember everyone who was involved in that. Later I started the Elven Nation of Qualinesti (ENoQ) as Porthios and another character Caelestas.

The majority of my roleplaying experience has been spent with Stephen (lj user=pickocommieslyr).

Where am I now?
  • I am a senior at Lamar University obtaining my B.S. in Sociology
  • I've worked and volunteered for non-profit organizations like: the March of Dimes, OXFAM
  • I'm the president of our campus chapter of the Sociology Student Associaton

I spend free time with my family, playing with my little dog Scarlett, reading, working jigsaw puzzles, playing xbox online, playing frisbee, listening to my friends live bands at bars, and moderating a crap load of lj communities.
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