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's me!

Yes, it's me. But, for those of you who don't remember me I'm Chris. I played Moros online for a few years, mainly at the Inn of the Last Home. I don't think I ever really was on a bad side of anyone, except maybe a few peons that didn't really count. Moros tended to stay out of things, he had a kind of casual attitude towards life, women and wine. Kinda like myself. Except that I'm engaged. So, that's not so casual...
I finally quit RPing on AOL about two or three years ago, because it just went to suck-ville, hardcore. I ditched the Moros SN, but recently dropped AOL completely for DSL and resurrected it, cuz everyone knows me by this name, so it's just alot easier.
Extra about me: I'm in my fourth year of college at UNC-Greensboro in NC. I'm majoring in history, but planning on going into law-enforcement, namely the Raleigh, NC, or Greensboro NC police departments before I get into a federal branch, i.e. FBI, or CIA, or possibly Secret Service. That's basically it for me in the last few years.
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