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This certainly is nostalgic. Posting about something from long ago, because of the same reason I seemed to do things long ago.

Because Selena told me.

Anyways, I have always been Stephen. And I was at one time Aristaus and Aellianos, Varistaus, and a score or so of others I can't seem to remember myself.

I no longer lose sleep over RPing online, though I have continued to try and write occasionally. And I have continued gaming, and am currently only paused do to a lack of opportunity, as opposed to will.

I still read like crazy, but I have since joined a club that mandates a certain amount of drinking, and running around alot, mainly the US Armed forces.

Of which I serve proudly in Texas, as a member of the Chairborne fatbodies.

I'm glad to hear that everyone seems to be moving foreword, and am surprised actually there was this much interest in looking backwards.

It is good to get a chance to say hi to those of you I had the privilege of sharing uncounted hours with, and probably spent in oblivion for uncounted more.

Oh, and one more thing. Vote for Bush.
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