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Well, here is my intro. I've been putting it off because I really have nothing to say about myself. I've had a hard life and it's caught up with me. *shrugs* Cest le vie.
I still do RP, unlike most of you. I enjoy my Xmen chars that I play... which include: Rogue, Nightcrawler x2, Used to do Logan, whew, Thanks Steve,.. Mystique, Nocturne and a couple other non-consequential chars. I'll soon be taking up Psylocke, I think.
Well, enough of that chatter. I played one of many fictitional chars in Krynn. Most well know as the Kagonesti dragon-child known to most as Khiersanth. I married a lot of your chars or cared for them when they were sick... also brining into our world many sproglettes that issued forth from your charries. I also tried to fill Nay's shoes when she bailed on us leaving us Speaker-less.. but that didnt last long due to schedual problems and that I sucked at being an aloof elvish princess. Ah well. *shrugs* I also had a child known as Tephros.. that was a mess. At anyrate.. I am Chelle. *wave*
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