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Howdy...This is Caryn.  My old s/n, which I abandoned after RP trickled to a minimum and spam mail was stronger than ever, was Arainea.  I had a multitude of lesser characters over the years, but my "most infamous" </font>character was the melodramatic Raine Silverforge (once known as Rain Silverforge.  Notice that as I became more "sophisticated" I added an "e."  Lol...and, of couse, Raine Silverforge-Strong near the end of my RP days).  Raine interacted most often with Ardin Strong, Ash Soth, Moros, Daisy, Roland, and in the early days Poisonleaf, Zaidrecus (and that guy that was always hanging out with "Cut"), some dude named Ryan (not V Ryan V, although the characters knew each other), Crim, this guy named Dragon, that guy played by that guy named Justin (LOL!), somebody who played a kender, somebody named Amber, and a bunch of other characters whose names I don't remember.  My secondary characters were Wren Beaucatcher, Mat, and another...some what vascillating...Wrenne...followed by a bunch of forgettable terciary characters.  I was always somewhat of a slightly lesser figure, as I was generally unwilling to participate in rule-making or RP politics.
Anyway, its been a very long time since I RPed, and though I might be open to a session or two in the future, when I have time, I can't guarantee I haven't lost whatever edge I may have possessed.  I haven't read any of the Dragonlance novels in a while, not after I finally got tired at the way it seemed to be the same general plot written over and over and over again (::tears out hair::).  I'm a literature major with a concentration in creative writing at the University of North Carolina at Asheville (note: roleplaying does NOT train you in any way for a writing career, as I discovered).  I work part-time at Books-A-Million as a bookseller, and spend a few hours a week working in the local Habitat Home Store (doing LAUNDRY, of all freaking things....).  After graduating in May, I hope to spend a few months in Savannah, GA, then travel for a few weeks to Ireland and the UK.  After which...possibly the AmeriCorps, a relief/refugee job with the PCUSA, Foreign Services, copywriting, agent's assistanship....who knows...all of which I'm technicallly unqualified for
And now that I've said way too much, I'm gonna say:
Or not...for some reason unknown to the newbie that I am, this keeps showing up, to me, as very large...
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