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Well, well, well... Look at this. A reunion of sorts for the old Krynn RP'ers? How very amusing! I'm game!

What character(s) did you role play in the Inn?

Well, there was more than one but really it all started with Liandrious, the first character I played when I joined the Elven Nation of Qualinesti.

What characters did your character most interact with?

I played quite a bit with Aellianos, Caelestas, Venakali, and Kitra. I'm sure there were many others, but they definately monopolized my time the most. Hehe. I look forward to seeing more familiar uhh....screennames?

What is your mun name and what are you currently up to now?

Well, my name is Richard, and thanks to an addiction that begun with ENoQ and my AOL roleplaying I have some computer certifications, and a great job as a computer geek at a mailing corporation. I no longer do alot of roleplaying online, but still occasionally indulge in some good old fashioned D&D. In my spare time, I am pursuing a career as a screen writer/director. Depending on how things go over the next 4 monthes, a friend and I may have an opportunity to take advantage of a Time-Warner funded studio on the San Diego State campus and air time they are providing on Los Angeles cable. Wish me luck!
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