npants (nataliepants) wrote in lasthome,

okay, well. i'm natalie. gnat to some, ha. i played.. ugh. i don't know. someone. i left aol maybe a year ago? two years ago? i use aim now and my sn is ishotlucille. the only people i recognize so far are jared, chris, dom, and selena. long time no speak for some of you!

anyhow, i graduated from metro arts (hs) last year and i start fall classes as a freshman at the art institute of phoenix. that's arizona. i'm pretty excited to start. i won a half tuition scholarship for my major, multimedia and web design. i hate my job and i need to buy myself a laptop, but that generally requires money, and, in my case, a better job. i live with my boyfriend of one and a half years. i want to see pictures of you people.
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